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Frequently Asked Questions

raw organic chocolate and other ingredients sourced from fair trade suppliers and small farms
What is "raw" food?

Raw food is food in its purist, most unadulterated state. It is not chemically processed or pasteurized. You are already familiar with raw foods at your local produce department: fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds.

Do I have to be a vegetarian or vegan to be healthy?
No! Absolutely not! However, many in the health field feel that the more food we eat that is plant based the healthier we will be. A great read is a book by Colin Campbell titled "The China Study".

Are raw desserts "fattening"?
It’s great having something sweet to eat without feeling guilty!  We've all been advised that we should avoid eating too many sweet foods, but it’s nice to have something sweet once in a while for a treat!

One great thing about raw foods is that each and every ingredient is full of not only flavor but nutrition. There are no "empty calories" with The Great UnBaked raw desserts. Why shouldn't every calorie we eat strengthen our body instead of weakening it?

For years we have been concerned about eating too much fat or calories with the fear of gaining weight. It would be beneficial to re-think this idea. Too much fat or calories will make us 'fat' if they are of the processed food kind. However, the great news is that when we take into our bodies mostly raw fats, proteins and calories from whole foods our body naturally feels satisfied. A calorie of white flour or processed bleached and refined 'vegetable' oil is a lot different than a calorie of pure unprocessed raw plant oil such as olive or coconut. They just do different things for our body.

Commonly when people eat desserts from The Great UnBaked they comment that they are so satisfied that they have no desire to eat more. Kind of like a built-in portion control! On the other hand we have all experienced overeating processed foods or fast foods and still feeling that we need more of something despite being completely full. Could it be that our bodies are 'looking' for real food so it keeps signaling us to eat more?

Beautiful Chocolate Deserves to Be Beautifully Wrapped Why would someone want to buy a raw dessert when they can buy a whole pie for almost the same amount?Ingredients! The plain and simple truth is that the ingredients that are used in the cheapest desserts are just that: cheap and unhealthy! Those ingredients have been stripped of most, if not all, of their original nutrients. They are so mass produced that the price is very low. The more a food is processed the less benefit to your body. It is no secret that processed foods stripped of their natural nutritional goodness are causing diseases in our bodies.

I am a diabetic. Can I still eat your desserts?All of our sugars are unprocessed and low glycemic. We use sugars as close to their natural state as possible. Why have white processed sugar that has absolutely no nutritional value when we can have sweetness with fiber, minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients, and more? Because of our use of low glycemic sweeteners, countless people with diabetes love to eat our products.